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Separation of Development


Most professionals lend to agree that downtime for business critical systems has a significant cost to the business and in this instance multiple environments is a must. Control of the standard requires an organization to separate development and testing facilities from its operational ones in order to reduce the risk of accidental change or unauthorized access to operational software and business data. Here's how:

Develop systems segregated from Production systems (separated by firewalls and network rules).

Separate Development and Production roles used for privileged system, application and network access entitlements.

Ensure role membership is reviewed periodically by role owner or management (for membership or role changes).

Separate access mechanisms used for Development and Production access (e.g. separate Active Directory forests or domains, login ID's, or password repositories).

Privileged access monitoring for login and change activity on Production systems


Cyber Liability

“Cyber insurance coverage is a valuable and practical member benefit for lawyers offered through the ABA Insurance portfolio,” ABA President Linda A. Klein said. “As the number of cyber breaches increases everywhere and throughout all industries, it is critical that lawyers and law firms that rely on vast amounts of electronic data are protected.


Law Firm: Staff Training

Sherri Davidoff presented “Cybersecurity Training for Law Office Employees,” Everyone in your office should be trained, including lawyers, support staff, first-responders (IT personnel) and clients. Client portals for law firms are popular, but portal users must be trained, sometimes on a one-on-one basis.


Privacy Threat

Governments as well as private sectors has largely missed out on that transformation of data protection due to poor management of technology investments, and taking years longer than necessary to deploy, and delivering technologies that are obsolete by the time they are completed.

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