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After you have completed a facilitated discussion about your healthcare organization's or hospital's current cybersecurity planning efforts and preparedness and response plans, the next step is to issue a written report of the group discussion. This report should include the objectives of Cybersecurity Discussion Guide through group discussion, to:

• Identify issues that community healthcare organizations or hospitals would need to address when responding to a cyber breach or attack.

• Develop strategies to address these issues.

We help lead the discussion and incorporate these strategies identified from the aforementioned group discussion into a community healthcare organization's or hospital's preparedness and response plans.


Preparing For Healthcare Cybersecurity Threats

Hackers will continue to go after networks, systems, and applications that have been misconfigured or are not maintained properly. Good cyber hygiene will become a common phrase to describe how organizations should approach managing the integrity of the enterprise. Organizations can be expected to look to improve their vulnerability management, increase the frequency of technical testing, add penetration testing, address long overlooked weaknesses in network segmentation and replace/refresh end-of-life platforms.


Medical Professional: Staff Training

Successful organizations will be defined not by whether they have or haven’t had a cyber event, but rather by how well they manage the enterprise, are able to detect attackers, efficiently respond to events, and restore operations with minimal compromise or loss of IT assets and disruption.


American Hospital Association | Cybersecurity

Hospitals can prepare and manage such risks by viewing cybersecurity not as a novel issue but rather by making it part of the hospital’s existing governance, risk management and business continuity framework. Hospitals also will want to ensure that the approach they adopted remains flexible and resilient to address threats that are likely to be constantly evolving and multi-pronged.

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