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The Cost of a Data Breach


According to the National Law Review, "the most serious consequence of a law firm security breach is loss or unauthorized access to sensitive client data. However, the Survey shows there was a low incidence of this, only about 2% of breaches overall resulted in loss of client data. Other concerning consequences of the breaches are significant though. 37% reported business downtime/loss of billable hours, 28% reported hefty fees for correction including consulting fees, 22% reported costs associated with having to replace hardware/software, and 14% reported loss of important files and information". What does this mean? In the end the cost of a data breach is nothing you or your firm can afford.

How To Succeed Against Attacks

According to Scott Angelo, chief information officer for K&L Gates LLP, "The key is that the highest person in the organization, the CEO, has to support your efforts," Angelo said. "Without that support, there will be challenges. Partners want to make their clients happy and don't always want to say no, and clients often ask us, from an IT perspective, to do things that aren't the most secure. So if a partner discusses the conflict with the CEO, you want him or her to be behind the firm's security plan." And as a security company this is true. Our expereince is your fort is as good as the army who protects it.... but the orders come from the king! From CEO to cleaning services security essentials and support is a collaborative effort.


Cyber Liability

“Cyber insurance coverage is a valuable and practical member benefit for lawyers offered through the ABA Insurance portfolio,” ABA President Linda A. Klein said. “As the number of cyber breaches increases everywhere and throughout all industries, it is critical that lawyers and law firms that rely on vast amounts of electronic data are protected.


Law Firm: Staff Training

Sherri Davidoff presented “Cybersecurity Training for Law Office Employees,” Everyone in your office should be trained, including lawyers, support staff, first-responders (IT personnel) and clients. Client portals for law firms are popular, but portal users must be trained, sometimes on a one-on-one basis.


Privacy Threat

Governments as well as private sectors has largely missed out on that transformation of data protection due to poor management of technology investments, and taking years longer than necessary to deploy, and delivering technologies that are obsolete by the time they are completed.

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